Washing your Twisturban

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been experimenting on washing the Twisturban®. Of course, there is some risk in machine washing, but because of my custom designed wire, the Twisturban® is quite durable in washing.  So far, I have found that the Twisturban® that can be machine washed are the cotton pieces. Of course, the most gentle technique will be to spot clean.  For the silk pieces it is still best to spot clean. I have had success washing cotton pieces in the following way. Roll the Twisturban® into a loose spiral kind of like a sea shell. Place Twisturban® into a large lingerie wash bag. Your machine settings should be on the cold water setting, delicate setting & lowest spin cycle using gentle soap and the Twisturban® should be the only item in the machine. Reshape the wire into the original rectangular shape and place on a drying rack to dry.