Why Twisturban ?

The Twisturban® is an original design I created in 2013. Over the years, I have tweaked the design to make it better, more comfortable and durable. Today, the construction is incredibly durable and certain fabrics are able to with stand gentle machine washing (see washing instructions). The Twisturban® has been sold to stores and customers all over the world. There have been many attempts to copy the Twisturban®, but my patented design is superior. I only use the best fabrics in construction making it a high end accessory.  Each fabric is selected by me for look, durability and hand feel. The Twisturban® is manufactured in NYC and sold in small businesses in NYC, Richmond VA, Dallas  TX, Hudson NY, Dayton OH, & Lagos Nigeria. I work with each of these stores to create unique collections that suits the customer.